The only group coaching program that teaches technical & tactical sales psychology, strategy, and implementation so you can confidently boss up and sell like your dreams depend on it.
(Spoiler: they do)

The only group coaching program that teaches technical & tactical sales psychology, strategy, and implementation so you can confidently boss up and sell like your dreams depend on it.
(Spoiler: they do)
& Support Coach: Carly Schroeder
That’s all I need to know. I’m in. 
Sales  is  not  a  game of   smoke   and  mirrors. 

It’s a test of your integrity and intent to make impact. 
Because selling and serving aren’t mutually exclusive, love.

It’s not enough to be a good marketer anymore, and know how to make a quick sale.

Luxury and a life of richness starts with a sustainable sales ecosystem, rooted in a heart for service. 

Sales   is   the   reward  you   get  for committing  to  a  relationship  where  service  is  your   #1   priority.
You started a business to escape the shell of a life you don’t want, but you’re still broke as a joke and it’s killing ya Smalls.

Isn’t entrepreneurship supposed to be lucrative af?

...Yeah, but... there’s one teeny-tiny problem.

You   have   no   idea   what   to   sell,   how   to   sell   it, or   where   your   clients   even   are.

(Hello--- anyone   there?   Ground   control   to    Major   Tom?)

This isn’t what you signed up for. When’s the fun part? 
When are you flying first class to Fiji?

...when you get as comfortable selling as you are in your sweatpants on the couch. Ouch. 

When it comes to sales you’re only confident about one thing: They keep happening for everybody else, and you’re still referring Whole Foods as Whole Paycheck.
(Okay, two things.)

 Learn the sales foundations that multiple 6 figure businesses are built on
 Develop a smooth-as-butter sales process that’s reliable, repeatable, relationship-focused and revenue generating.
 Stop screwing around with cookie-cutter strategies, soulless scripts, and tactless tactics that feel gross and last shorter than your high school boyfriend. In this house, we do sales with SOUL so your sales become effortless and clients keep coming back for more.
 Feel confident in your ability to generate leads, close sales, and KEEP the sale — all day long.
The Sales Mastery Accelerator is a robust, proven program that will teach you how to create a sustainable, sales ECOSYSTEM so you can finally stop wondering where your next check is coming from and start counting your cash. 
Designed exclusively for powerful leaders 
who want something bigger than themselves, and 
want the shortcut to a few more 0’s in their bank account.

Who are ready to go from exhausted entrepreneur

to the one who’s a BFD who doesn’t “NEED” more sales. 

And who want to do it in a way

that would make your mama proud...

The Sales Mastery Accelerator is more than overcoming objections, and stepping into your sales power. This is *THE* one-stop-shop for sales coaching that teaches you everything you need to make bank and show your income goal who’s boss. 
Women paying your fees without even flinching and signing up in droves to work with you in any (and every) capacity you offer. Hello- 50%+ client retention! 

Feeling empowered around sales. It doesn’t scare you anymore. It excites you. TBH, it’s so easy now, you could sneeze and make money. 
Recurring monthly revenue in the tens of thousands of dollars. Your 9-5 salary? Monopoly money compared to this.
Exclaiming “Holy cow, I just signed another client!” so often that you sound like a very rich, very broken record.
Creating waves of luscious impact that ripple out from every offer you touch.
Scaling your business to 6 figures this year -- in a pandemic— with a roster full of clients you love and who love you back.

Alexa, play “Pony” by  Genuwine
Because if you don’t think selling can be sexy, you’re dead wrong.
When you join The Sales Mastery Accelerator, you’ll be walked hand-in-hand through 12 Core Modules designed to intelligently set your business up to be a sales machine.
We’re taking you from Pre-Sale to the Post-Sale Perpetual Profit Loop.
(Oh, it’s a thing. Girl, stick with me. We’re just getting started)
The Pre-Sale Elements:
Discover how to define your unique selling proposition, hold a solid container for transformation, and reframe sales as a service. Nail all 3? You’ve got clients who brag to you about their friends and keep coming back for more.
Like the yellow brick road to Oz, your clients need to follow a clear path towards their ultimate goal of working with you. That means reverse engineering and mapping out a bespoke customer journey that keeps them in your inner circle, and keeps Benjamins hitting your bank account.
Ever hear the phrase, “Keep it simple, sweetie”? Well, right now I can almost guarantee you’re making it twice as hard as you need to for clients to pay their bills, stacking more hours on top of an already limited schedule. Amirite? Module 3 is where we implement and integrate the sanity-saving systems that’ll lessen your load and increase your paydays. Yes--tech too.
Get your business model wrong, and you’re accidentally capping your income. Get it right, and you’re primed for infinite growth and endless sales. In Module 4, we’re breaking down specific sales strategies for any and all your offers. Everything you need to know about launching and filling your 1-1 service, courses and group programs, so you can stop wondering how to sell and start confidently closing.
The Sales Elements:
It’s  not  slimy  or  sleazy, and  it  won’t  hurt  a  bit.
Is your offer objection proof? Think objections mean a client is un-closeable and you’ll have to be a slime ball to sign ‘em? Think again! In Module 5 we’re dissecting the most common objections you’ll hear on sales calls, what they actually mean, and how you can overcome them.
HINT: It’s a lot easier than you think it is and doesn’t require any arm twisting.
If you don’t know how to sell on social media, you’re leaving an F ton of money on the table. In Module 6 you’ll discover how to close on live calls, Instagram and in Facebook groups so no matter where your clients are scrolling, you’re giving them the opportunity to buy from you.
Your sales page is basically like a digital conversion machine, locked and loaded to turn your warm audience into hot-to-trot paying clients. Learn the must-haves for any sales page worth its salt, including how to write the words that close the deal and what you’ve gotta know about the behind-the-scenes tech to make any sale a seamless one. And don’t get me started on sales emails. Or do. It’s good for you.
Less like they’re interviewing you. More like you’re interviewing them. In Module 8, we’re talking through the art of pre-qualifying the sale and setting the right container. With the right ingredients, you can create an environment that’s highly conducive to selling without feeling pushy or shovey.
What’s a girl gotta do to channel her inner Kyra Sedgwick and close like its paying her bills? (Because, spoiler alert, mama: it absolutely is. Module 9 is your sneak peek into how to hold a high-converting sales call — without turning into a sleazeball used car salesman in the process.
The Post-Sales Profit Loop:
They  just  can’t  stay  away. And  that's  just  how  we  like  it.
What would it be like if your clients never, ever fell through the cracks? If even the onboarding process made them even more gaga for you? If their customer experience was smoother than butter? Module 10 shows you how to wow ‘em from Day One. 
How would you like to make more money while doing less work? Whoa, calm down! I can hear your happy scream through the screen ;) Module 11 is the holy grail for saving time without sacrificing even a single sale. I’ll show you how to set up the funnels, repurpose your existing content and turn the stuff you’ve already created into automagic cash creation. (You’re gonna love this one.)

80% of profit comes from 20% of your audience. What if you could keep them, like forever? Imagine a world where every customer who comes through your doors falls so hard for working with you that she pulls up a seat and stays in your programs for infinity. Where lead generation turns into lifetime relationships. Module 12 is where it happens. We also get into lead gen, list building, and how to create a launch calendar that keeps you rollin’ in it.

I’m   ready  to  scale  this  business  into  a  sales  machine ,  baby! 
Meet Carly Schroeder
your   Sales   Mastery  Accelerator   support   coach    extraordinaire
Carly Schroeder is a 6 figure business owner, Personal Branding Expert, Business Coach, and Brand Designer for soul-driven entrepreneurs who want to create a feel-good business and change the world one dream client at a time.

Ever bought into the lie that sales is only for extroverts? Carly busts this myth into 1000 tiny pieces.
It’s not dependent on your personality type. 

Stop co-signing the excuse that you’re either a natural at sales or you’re not.  

Your business success hinges on ONE thingYour ability to master the art and science of sales.

How do I know?
As   a   business   owner   who   has   scaled   from zero   to   7   figures   in   just   over   3   years,
I'm here to tell you that everything I've created and built is the result of mastering sales.
Move across the country? Check. 

Grow a baby and generate $450k in sales in 6 months? Check.

Live part time in a luxury villa in Bali AND have a home on the East Coast? Check.

Truth bomb: If you don’t have sales, honey, you don’t have anything.

And nothing is more important in your business right now.

It’s time to bet on yourself.

Since I completed The Sales Mastery Accelerator with Cait, over the last 6 months I have built my coaching business from ground zero to a booming business and am on track to hit 6 figures before my year mark. I have created and launched my 1-1 coaching, an absolutely amazing group program and a course. I had a 5 figure launch 3 months into my business! Immediately after, I had another launch that sold out 18 spots in one week! I have doubled my prices, received endless messages about how I am helping my clients change their lives and businesses and I have generated almost $40k in sales in the first 5 months of my business!
Amanda Kolbye
Business and Marketing Coach
Over the last 6 months with Cait, I went from scraping by with one-off coaching sessions to having a cohesive strategy behind a multi-pronged, multi-passionate business. I identified my niche, rebranded successfully, launched two group programs including a mastermind, and filled up my client roster for the first time since going online in 2015. In less than three months since I started working with Cait, I doubled my coaching revenue every month since starting and this month I made more money than I ever have in my life in my business (and not to mention more money than I've ever made per month in corporate). After working privately with Cait on my business for 6 months I am now hitting consistent $10K cash months, had 2 back to back $20K months and my private practice is booked out 6 months in advance. Thank you for everything Cait, you are amazing! 

Elaina Ray
Self-Mastery Coach & Business MEntor for Spiritual Entrepreneurs
Working with Cait was hands down the best investment I've made in myself and my business. In a few short months I went from not having a business to booking out multiple high-ticket coaching packages, bringing in my first 5 figures, and setting myself up to scale to six figures. Cait helped me build and optimize every area of my business. She brings it all: soul, sales, strategy, sustainability, and SO much more. In working with Cait I've gained unshakable confidence, clarity, and plenty.

Hannah Koenig
Business & Success Coach
While working with Cait, we completely pivoted my business and when we started our 1:1 coaching she helped me create 4k a month in business and sign 6 clients in my first month doing something I am so passionate about and not to mention good at. As a digital nomad after one month is pretty good. 

In a short time, she helped me get clients, own my strengths, all while staying true to myself and not breaking my bank. Her insights are to the point, and many times I would text her like OMG that is such a good idea!!!! Thank you so much Cait for believing in me and pushing me, you are amazing and I can’t wait to work together again!!

Sara Kas
Instagram Strategist for Entrepreneurs
What’s on the other side of that button in
uh, a lot. like:
From presales to a post-sale perpetual profit loop, literally no sales stone unturned. We really did think of everything. “Hello, PayPal? Just calling to let you know there’s a flood of cash coming this way.”
($12,000 VALUE)
12 WEEKLY MASTERCLASSES that cover everything you
need to know about the technical nuts and bolts of selling your
offers all easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy like
($12,000 VALUE)
Because the party doesn’t stop when Cait & Carly walk out. Who doesn’t love an opportunity to bust through the surface and dive a little deeper?
($2,400 VALUE)
12 WEEKLY 60-minute GROUP COACHING CALLS with Guest Coach Carly Schroeder
We’re talking about breakthroughs, accountability, and quantum leaps on tap served up pipin’ hot week after week. Calls are led by our highly trained, Cait-approved support coach Carly. 
($2,400 VALUE)
Over the course of the program, I’ll be poppin’ in 6 times for 45-minute hot seats in the private Facebook group to answer all your questions. Questions can be submitted beforehand. And btw--this is the last live coaching opportunity with me for the year! #babymama
($6,000 VALUE)
Ever feel stumped? No need when you can get your questions answered by me and my team. Knowing someone’s got your back? It feels better than being wrapped up in a fluffy towel straight out of the dryer. Mmmmmm. That’s the stuff.
($5,000 VALUE)
What, you thought I was going to teach you all about sales and then not hand you the magic words to bring that ish to life? As if.
($4,000 VALUE)
*Pushes glasses up her nose* I’m a nerd for a good action plan, and after the Sales Mastery Accelerator, you’ll be a convert too. This is your new tool belt for mapping out your sales process from prospect to profit and everything in between.
($500 VALUE)
Want brand photos that pop AND inspire your audience to pony up the premium prices to work with you? It’s a little bit art, a little bit science, and a whole lotta fierce posing.
($500 VALUE)
4 60-minute LIVE GUEST EXPERT SALES TRAININGS with bona-fide bosses in their fields who are rolling up their sleeves to teach the nitty grittys on the sales tactic of their expertise. 
($4000 VALUE)
Guest Expert Training #1:
Sales     psychology,  frame    control,   and   closed-deal   confidence   with    Toby Loneragan   &   Cait  Scudder
For those of you who don’t know, Toby’s my secret sales weapon. Inside this exclusive 60 minute joint training we’ll be unpacking the foundations of seven-figure sales psychology, frame control, and how to cultivate closed-deal, no-brainer confidence.
Guest Expert Training #2:
How   to    Write   Conversion    Copy  That  Sells with    Copywriter    for   Coaches   Mackenzie   B. Fleming
Blinking cursor syndrome, be gone! Inside this one hour training, Mack’s breaking down copy that converts on websites, sales pages, and emails (psst she’s used these strategies to write for 7 and 8 figure brands).
Guest Expert Training #3:
Sold   out   sales   pages   and   social   graphics with   Brand   Designer   Carol   Hampshire
Inside this training, learn the sales design strategy genius that’s responsible for 6, 7, and multi 7 figure brands.
Guest Expert Training #4:
7   Figure   Sales   Systems   with   CSI’s   OBM Kasey   Sheeran
Let’s face it: A smooth, streamlined sales process requires systems that operate like a well-oiled machine. Kasey Sheeran is the systems queen inside CSI and breaking down exactly how to get the nuts and bolts of your technical systems down so you can focus on making money (Double bonus! If you have a VA/OBM, you bring them to this training!)
WHEN YOU ENROLL IN Sales Mastery Accelerator...
you’ll receive $52,000 in value. 
Did your jaw just drop?
Did your jaw just drop even more? 
One Payment of
The Flexible Spread-It-Out Option
Three Payments of
 If you sell even a single (or half of) a premium package as a result of this program, you’ve already made your money back. Sell two and you’re rolling in it. I like those odds.  
Grab  the one  VIP  spot  available  inside  Sales  Mastery Accelerator
(this will be gone faster than you can sneeze).
As a VIP, you get all the goods of regular enrollment plus private coaching support from the 7-figure sales queen herself.

9 weeks of unlimited Voxer support Monday-Friday ($9000 value)

One 90 minute sales audit with Cait & Toby: ($4000 value)

6 Private 50-minute Coaching Calls with Cait ($9000 value)

3 Private 50-minute Calls with a CSI Support Squad Team Member ($3000 value)
Total VIP Value: $25K
Your Investment: $12,000
Oh and I should mention:
EVERYONE on the waitlist gets my 
Nuts and bolts of launching, down to every last detail.
( only 3 remain )
VIPs get access to all the support inside the complete Sell and Grow Rich Program AND 9 private 60 minute coaching sessions with Cait herself. Because when you’ve got a sturdy, sales-boosting container to guide you and a coach to light a fire under your booty, even the most outrageous money goals become inevitable.  

VIPS will receive:
  • 9 private 60-minute coaching calls with Cait
  • A free ticket to Born to Rise LIVE in Portland, Maine (Lobster, anyone?)
  • The gate code to the very locked, very exclusive VIP Resource Vault
VIP - Pay In Full
The Flexible VIP Spread-It-Out Option
Before working with Cait, I was struggling to find clients and feeling lost. I had invested in myself time and time again, but wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. I was at a breaking point and really vibed with Cait’s energy. I knew that she was the coach I needed. With Cait’s support, I have signed my highest package, hit my highest months of sales, been asked to speak as a guest expert in masterminds, and built out a new offer.

I have more clarity in who I serve, how I communicate my offers, and what makes me different. Cait helped me uncover my uniqueness and tremendously increased my confidence in expressing it. She is amazing at what she does and is able to pull ideas out of you that you didn’t know were there. I can’t recommend Cait enough.
Lauren Taylar
Website Designer and SEO Strategist
When I signed up for The Sales Mastery Accelerator, I was struggling with lack of direction and focus. I didn't know who my people were, or how to reach them. I also didn't have a system mapped out for how to work with people even if they came to me. My business was a big mess. 

Since finishing the course, I implemented a system that Cait taught me in order to automate my onboarding process. It has saved me countless hours in booking people and getting them ready for my silent retreats. My onboarding process is now almost 99% automated, which frees up my time to focus on more important things, like getting new clients. 

I recommend Cait 100%! This is such a powerful program for creating a powerful sales ecosystem. It's perfect for anyone who wants a deep-level understanding of almost all aspects of being a coach or consultant, and learning how to do it all from the ground up. Not only that, but Cait is always there to help you when you get stuck, or when you're confused. I found the program super helpful. It was amazing working with her!
Jeremy Lipkowitz
High Performance Mindfulness Coach 
Before I started Cait's program, I was at a standstill in my coaching biz. New to the entrepreneurial world, I was overwhelmed & lost on how to create a sustainable biz. I knew I needed help, and that investing in my biz (and myself) was my best way forward. I'd been following Cait for ages, loved her energy & wisdom, and I felt deep in my bones that she was just the coach to help me turn things around. 
We are now half way through the program, and I couldn't be happier, I now feel fully aligned within myself and in my biz, my confidence & clarity have skyrocketed! Thank's to Cait's guidance I've hit my first 5 figure month, booked out my VIP coaching practice, am slaying my discovery calls & fielding press offers left & right! Not to mention, I now have a strategy in place to replicate this success over and over. 
If you are considering working with Cait - DO IT! It is the best return on an investment you could make! 
Amrita Sophia Le Page 
Relationship & Intimacy Coach
Working with Cait has CHANGED MY LIFE! Within our second month together, I not only doubled my monthly income, I had my biggest cash month ever! But that’s not all…Things got even more epic! In month 3, I reached another highest month… And I’ll tell you one thing, things aren’t slowing down! The clients, the money it’s all pouring in!
I have never felt more aligned, focused, inspired and driven in my business and it is all thanks to Cait’s knowledge, guidance, expertise and energy! She has shown me what it really means to be a CEO of a successful business! I feel so empowered, so in control and I have more passion than ever before! This has by far been THE BEST INVESTMENT I’ve ever made in myself and if any soul-driven woman wants to build an empire and see massive results, I 1000 % recommend Cait!
Nikki Loots
Self-Love Expert
VIP - Pay In Full
The Flexible VIP Spread-It-Out Option
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